blazing arrow

blazing arrow

Blazing Arrow is the second full-length album by Blackalicious, the follow-up to 2000’s Nia. It was released on April 30, 2002 on MCA Records.

The album was generally received well by critics, with Allmusic writer Steve Huey praising Gift of Gab’s performance:

“In spite of the duo’s intellectual bent, the grooves on Blazing Arrow exude a tremendous warmth that’s only complemented by the positivity of their messages. And if Gift of Gab wasn’t recognized among hip-hop’s premier lyricists before, he certainly ought to be now; his raps are jam-packed with internal rhymes, allusions, metaphors, ten-cent words, and amazing tongue-twisting feats of skill.”

Pitchfork Media was also impressed with the album:

“He and Xcel have the stage, and all they want to do is share it. It’s as if the scope of this album– the stylistic diversity, the guest artists, the sincere, ecstatic rhymes– doesn’t come from ambition or creativity for its own sake, but out of a need to include everyone they know and everything they see around them. Not since Car Wash has there been such a celebration of diversity and hot fun in the summertime.”



Check out the interview about the release below!

The classic video!

Enjoy these live videos of songs from the release:

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